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Balloon measurements of air pollution


Dust particles in the air over Ostrava (one of the biggest Czech cities) maps the special measuring balloon. The measurements results of   PM10 dust concentrations above the city complete data measured immission measuring car and it will serve to validate the reported data source pollution in Ostrava.

For this specialized measurement is used custom-made balloon filled with helium with a diameter of 4 meters . Ballon is lit from the inside, making it the visibility to a distance of 4 km. In the modified carrier under a balloon device is waterproof box that contains dust meter, GPS positioning system and meteosystem. Its recorded PM10 concentration (together with smaller particles PM2.5), the altitude, temperature and pressure as well as the geographic position and the current time in each position of the balloon.

Connecting these devices will be not only the output the value of the monitored concentrations of PM10 at different heights, but also a "cut" dust concentrations over Ostrava. Making it possible to determine how much particulate matter in the air over Ostrava is to verify whether the situation justifies reported emissions from air pollution sources.

Yellow box in case is the optical dust meter, onthe impinger is located thermometer hygrometer Commeter D3121, right next to the impinger is still" little yellow USB" - it is GPS logger that records the route and of course height.

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