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HELUZ - great bricks for your house


Our company was looking for a new system for measuring the temperature and humidity in drying chambers to dry pressed bricks. Existing technology was insufficient and maintenance costs were high.
We had a lot of criteria for new suitable product - reliability, cost, simplicity, high degree of IP protection and mechanical resistance.

We choose the T3117 sensor that suits our conditions in all directions. The biggest advantage is the ability to set your own range. Software settings can be downloaded for free from the manufacturer.

The photo shows an environment in which the sensors are deployed. This is a fairly challenging environment with large temperature ranges. No one of the sensors didnt showed signs of failure.

The sensors operate air dampers that allow the warm air to the chambers where the fans then use expanding across the chamber. Temperatures range from 40°C to 110°C and the humidity from 2% to 90%. It is thus seen that the sensors are working on a large scale as temperature and humidity .

Sensors T3117 from COMET SYSTEM s.r.o. , I can only recommend.

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