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Temperature monitoring of the construction layers of the sleeper subsoil


Department of Railway Structures The Faculty of Civil Engineering of the CTU in Prague has been engaged in long-term since 2009 in selected test sections of railway tracks under the supervision of SŽDC s. O. Monitoring temperature in the structures of the sleeping subsoil. Particularly, structures with fly ash or asphalt concrete with high recycled material are monitored.

For monitoring, long-term unattended recording and storage of measured data is an important parameter.

Data is captured and stored at hourly intervals. The datalogger has to be housed because of vandalism, and therefore the dataloggers are buried in protective earth receptacles.

Downloading is done manually once or twice per calendar year. For measurements, the Department of Railway Structures uses S0121 and S0111 data loggers and temperature probes.

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Czech Republic

Beépített termék(ek):

U0111 U0121 S0121 S0111


Czech Technical University in Prague


Czech Republic

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