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Holder for 3.6 V lithium battery with magnets

Battery holder with magnets SP015M is designed for mounting wireless sensors with Sigfox network output on magnetic surfaces.

It allows you to power the transducer from one or two 3.6V lithium batteries, size "C", thus extending up to six times the operating time compared to the standard life of size "AA" internal battery. It is equipped with a connection adapter that is mounted in place of the transducer's internal battery. The SP015M Batteries holder is suitable for applications where the life of the transducer's internal battery is insufficient and the mains power supply (with optional accessories) cannot be used.

SP015M Batteries holder is supplied separately, without batteries. It is designed for primary lithium batteries 3.6V, size "C". We recommend using Tadiran SL2770/S batteries (order code A4206). One or two batteries can be fitted.

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Recommended batteries Tadiran SL2770/S, lithium, 3.6 V, size"C"
Output voltage 3.6 V DC
Continuous output current max. 200 mA
Short circuit protection of output NO (recommended batteries are not dangerous in the event of a short circuit)
Power output connection adapter for transducers Wx8xx
Working position vertically, cable glanddown
IP protection IP65 (after mounting the connection adapter to the Wx8xx sensor)
Operating temperature -30 to +60 °C
Weight without batteries 200g(including connection adapter)
Dimensions 120 x 93 x 43 mm